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Creative energy is spurned and inspired by many different sights, experiences and moments, especially when drawing from the environment around you. And nothing can be truer than the energy we draw from music and how that music is intricately woven into our everyday lives.

If you were to…

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Tailor Made #GQ (Taken with instagram)

Clock work! (Taken with instagram)

Accepting Kings ONLY! (Taken with instagram)

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I spy a Lil RD logo! (Taken with instagram)

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African Fashion is ALIVE! As Lisa the creator of “Jewel by Lisa” coined the phrase #ANKARACOOL. Just the thought of how major African fashion can become gives me goose bumps and being the entrepreneurial mind that I am gives me ideas for great income generation! Enjoy the behind the scene video of the launching of the J. Label by “Jewel By Lisa” a prominent Nigerian fashion house! It also features Zara Okpara, Jewel’s PR Manager and good family friend.

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Ardy the Dynamite? Yes/no? (Taken with instagram)

This is my life! (Taken with instagram)

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